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For the past 30 years God has been preparing and equipping Steve Geyer for such a time as this. Beginning as a nightclub comedian, Steve Geyer found faith travelling the Comedy Club circuit and then recognized the opportunity to make people laugh with clean comedy. Steve was “cutting his teeth” on the US comedy club circuit opening for comedians like Billy Crystal, Brian Reagan and Sinbad when he came to faith in Christ. While touring with top Christian bands and releasing three Christian comedy records, some of his mentors recognized a pastoral element in Steve’s performances. With their encouragement and God’s leading Steve transitioned into full-time pastoral ministry. In addition to his duties as a teaching pastor, leading short-term mission trips and developing a ministry for families of children with Special Needs, Steve excelled at pre-marital and pastoral counseling. During this time Steve was invited to participate in a brand new event called “Couples Night Out”. Since 2007, after speaking at well over 300 of these events across North America including sharing the stage at marriage events with Dr Gary Chapman and Gary Thomas, Steve has partnered with FunandFaith to create, “A Nite To Remember for Couples”.
"Comedy has always been a part of my wiring and was refined while growing up in a broken home. My siblings are actually a lot funnier than me, but were also a lot more talented. So when they grew out of the “class clown” phase I sort of extended it into a career. Laughter breaks down barriers better than lecturing people about all that I know… I’ve discovered its much better to share what I’m learning using humor as the method."
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