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Ruben Quintana is one of the first comedians to breakthrough and successfully establish Latino stand-up comedythroughout the entertainment industry.  His brilliant performances in legendary comedy clubs such as The Laugh Factory, The Comedy Store, and Improv helped solidify a new marketplace and culture for the entertainment industry to flourish in.  The world of stand-up comedy has never been the same since.  


But let’s rewind and take a trip back to Ruben’s official roots as professional funnyman.  His persona, charisma, and style were carved out in the Black comedy clubs “Chitlin’ Circuit” of Los Angeles, California.  This was certainly no place for the squeamish comedian to perform and it was here that many a great routine was forged.  Ruben’s ability to be “who-larious” on stage earned him the title of being an honorary “Brutha” and qualified him to be one of the first Latino comedians to perform on BET’s Comic View.  As he took the stage it was said, “Aw, this Mexican must be crazy (meaning funny) if he’s in our house!”  No truer words have ever been spoken.  


From that moment on Ruben’s career changed forever and he has not once looked back.  His stories of struggle and triumph transcend every cultural barrier and truly captivate the listening audience as they all unite under one common spirit of laughter.  These easily identifiable and engaging tales of family life have merited him numerous television appearances on network shows such as NBC’s Friday Night, Galavision’s Que Locos, and Si TV’s Latino Laugh Festival.  

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