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As Seen On:
COMEDY CENTRAL, HBO, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno


Carlos Oscar has been described as a lean, clean joke machine. From the moment he hits the stage his Motor-but-not-foul mouthed style captivates an audience. Perched on a stool and perpetually leaning in toward the crowd, he comes across less as an “act” but more as the guy everyone in the room wants to gather around because he’s 

got the best stories, hilariously told.



After serving 4 years in U.S. Air Force, he moved to Los Angeles to embark on a career in the entertainment industry. While studying acting at UCLA, he bumped into comedy. "I was doing a comedic scene in class at UCLA. The immediate laughter response from the audience sparked me into pursuing stand-up comedy." Carlos Oscar's has running commentary on nearly everything under the sun; he recounts how technology culture has changed his kids or how wives undermine the confidence of their husbands. 


Carlos has preformed on The Tonight Show, ABC's The View and numerous Comedy Central appearances, but he’s making them laugh on land and at sea. He was voted the number one act on the high seas winning the coveted and inaugural ‘The Princess Cruises Entertainer of the Year’ award. To date, he is the only comedian to ever win the award. His fast paced delivery and facial gestures will have you all rolling with the punchlines. Oh, and yes, his mother-in-law stories are true -- don't laugh.


Carlos is in development for his own sitcom and hopes once it all comes together it will have a huge impact for all audiences. Carlos lives in Pasadena, California with his wife and two daughters.

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