Tina Marie Live!

While working as an actor in Hollywood for over a decade, Tina talked with countless celebrities about their behind-the-scene lifestyles and realized ‘these secrets’ must be revealed to our teens. For the past 10 years, Tina has been sharing her pop culture message – Hollywood Exposed – to students and adults at school assemblies, conferences, music festivals, and many other events throughout the United States, Africa, South America and Canada.

Tina has worked on TV shows such as “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” “Young and the Restless,” “Lizzie Maguire,” “Drake and Josh,” and “Malcolm in the Middle” along with countless Hollywood


A behind the scenes look at today’s pop culture.


Tina covers the following topics in her pop culture presentation.  She will tailor her seminar to meet the needs of your audience.  Please request an EVENT FORM so she can adequately prepare for your event.


*  This seminar is constantly being updated in order to be relevant to what teens had watched in theatres the prior weekend or on TV the night before.  The recommended minimum age is 6th grade, due to some of the mature subject matter.




  • Tina shares about her move from a Wisconsin dairy farm to working on set in Hollywood.  She shares about her first-hand experience working with celebrities through various TV shows, movies, runway shows, and pageants.


  • Tina interacts with the audience asking them if they’ve played or own the “hottest” video games and quizzes them on who sings certain lyrics on the top pop charts.  They start to realize that the media DOES have an impact.


  • Following is a run-down of the 4 major topics that will be discussed: sex, drugs/alcohol, violence and suicide/cutting.  Tina covers the deception that’s portrayed in all facets of entertainment – print (magazines, billboards) to the Internet, music, TV shows and movies and how we can make wise media choices.




  • Tina analyzes lyrics of some of the most popular so-called “role models” in today’s entertainment industry.


  • Tina discusses how many of these artists live the opposite lifestyle than what they promote in their music videos and music (huge EYE-OPENER!)


  • Due to meeting many of these celebrities in person, Tina shares the true stories of the lives they live behind the scenes.


  • Using video clip interviews and quotes from these “stars,” Tina supports her observations with facts coming straight from the celebrities themselves!               A majority of this TRUTH has never been revealed in mainstream media.  (example:  Eminem rewriting his lyrics for his own daughter to listen to and Usher believing virginity IS the best choice, etc.)



  • Tina talks about her own personal choice to remain a virgin until marriage and the rise in popularity among teens with choosing abstinence. Secondary virginity is also promoted to help teens realize they can start over again if they have already engaged in sexual activity.


  • The impact movies have on teens and the behaviors they promote are covered.


  • Celebrities who chose abstinence before marriage or are abstinent now are discussed.


  • Body image, advertising influences, eating disorders, air brushing of images used in billboards and magazine ads are all covered.  Videos also help drive this message home.




  • Tina analyzes a few of the hottest performers who glorify drinking and drugs without showing the consequences and talk about several who have died in this exact manner.


  • A video of a young girl who was a victim of a drinking and driving accident is shown.  She survived the crash, but two of her friends died and she has had over 40 operations.  Her story was shared on Oprah. (Very impactful!!  Many teens tell Tina that they will NEVER drink and drive after seeing this footage)


  • Tina gives a pictorial timeline of a person who was on crack cocaine and died while in prison.  The subject’s physical appearance greatly diminishes over a short period of time.  She stresses that the media does not show what happens if you live a life on drugs.


  • Tina shows video clips that convey how Hollywood DOES NOT show the deadly-consequences of what they promote – HUGE EYE OPENER!




  • Tina exposes some of today’s hottest rappers/singers on how they promote violence and DO NOT show the consequences when violence is used to “solve” problems in real life.


  • The affects of violent video games are discussed in detail.  Past school shooters and teen killer stories correlate to “what” the criminal was engaged in regarding entertainment.  Tina encourages teens to choose positive video games and take video game making classes to get more good games on the shelf.


  • The description of how your brain doesn’t fully develop until your early 20’s is covered.  Therefore, anything pornographic or violent is literally burned into your mind.



  • Current bands that promote suicide are discussed as Tina reads some of the lyrics within the songs.  She challenges her audience to think about how these lyrics are impacting our minds as a result.


  • A real-life suicide story is shared along with how negative entertainment played a major role in this teen’s beliefs that suicide was his only option.  (Tina receives countless emails from teens on how this information has impacted their hearts and caused many to receive counseling regarding their own suicidal issues!)


  • Cutting affects close to 15% of our teens today.  How cutting is promoted in pop-culture is analyzed and the real places we can get healing is given.


  • Tina asks the teens what celebrities have come to a teen’s aid if they are in prison or in the hospital from engaging in the activities the celebrity promoted.  Questions are asked throughout to help the youth realize that Hollywood does not have their best interest in mind.



  • The last part of the seminar deals with what can we do now?”  Tina talks about many resources available (world wide and locally in your community)


  • A variety of entertainment from the hottest POSITIVE music videos, TV shows, CDs, etc. are played and promoted.


  • Tina closes the seminar by letting the teens know they can always contact her personally if they have any questions.  She also makes herself available for at least 30 minutes after the presentation to answer any questions that people have in result to hearing the message.


  • Tina challenges people to be pro-active in their communities and share this information to as many people as possible and be leaders NOT followers.


  • Tina gives many suggestions on what teens can do to develop their own talents to create change in their communities and worldwide.



Tina uses the same show format as stated above.  In addition, she answers the top questions many parents have, like:

  • how do I stay updated on the latest media influences on my family?
  • what are some positive entertainment choices for my children?
  • how can I protect my family from the negative entertainment?
  • how can I set house guidelines?
  • the latest positive entertainment available in all media forums



Tina gives many useful tips such as:

  • evaluating advisory warning labels
  • awareness of burned CDs & edited CDs
  • how to combat the inaccuracy of web filters
  • choosing the safest location for the computer in the home
  • the dangers of today’s porn, chat rooms & Facebook
  • defining video game ratings and cheat codes


Eating Disorders

  • teen girls’ struggle regarding anorexia and self esteem
  • how the media portrays an unhealthy & unrealistic perception of beauty


All About Abstinence

  • the lack of abstinence education & how the media portrays abstinence
  • Tina’s personal decision to wait to have sex until marriage
  • the top celebrities who were virgins before they wed!


Media Panel

  • Open discussion on the “hot topics” of pop-culture
  • People can ask any ?s regarding presentation they just heard
  • I can answer questions randomly that were collected during the presentation