Matt Jernigan

matt jernigan comedianMatt Jernigan is a comic who grabs the attention of people of all ages with his crazy song parodies. With just his guitar and amazing impressions of popular singers from Brittany Spears to Katherine Hepburn, from Ricky Martin to Sammy Davis Jr., Matt will immediately connect with your entire audience. Whether it’s a night club, corporate event, college or church social, Matt has done it and left a lasting impression—without a single swear word or innuendo. It’s not an uncommon site to see Matt receiving standing ovations.

Matt is an actor, comedian, singer/songwriter and musician who has been featured on many television shows, films and commercials including “The X Files,” “Days of Our Lives,” Comedy Central’s “Make Me Laugh” and “Matlock.” Matt has performed in some of L.A.’s top comedy clubs including the mainrooms at The World Famous Comedy Store and The Icehouse of Pasadena. Originally from North Carolina, Matt has taken the L.A. comedy scene by storm and has won several voice and comedy competitions. Matt takes pride in doing completely “curse-free” comedy because he believes that it doesn’t have to be crude to be comedy.
Matt is originally from Wilmington, North Carolina, where he graduated from East Carolina University with a degree in Communications/Broadcasting, Theater Arts and Speech. He has always known that he would love to perform for a living and has felt totally blessed that God would allow it to happen.

“From the start, unfortunately, I saw comedy as simply a way to make a living and not necessarily to honor God. But after experiencing how empty that was, things changed. I’d been a Christian for nearly 20 years, and soon realized that my “walk” wasn’t fully devoted to God. Now, my sole purpose is to honor God with the talents He’s blessed me with. I see such a need to reach out to non-believers through quality, cutting-edge entertainment. And I feel, as a Christian, it is my responsibility to draw non-believers closer to God by bringing them things they can relate to and by showing them that Christians are ‘real’ and love to have fun. Christianity isn’t this confining, boring lifestyle-it’s exciting and full of joy.”

“Everyone truly enjoyed Matt’s performance. It was the best one we have ever had! Matt’s song parodies were hilarious.”
– Claremont McKenna College

“Matt was a complete success and turned a stiff crowd into a crowd of roaring laughter that would not soon forget this event. Matt stole the show!”
– Candice, Emmanuel College

“What a pleasure it was to have him perform for us. He is clever and talented, and also, had us involved in doing some of the songs with him (how hilarious that was!). His personal testimony was clear and effective with our unbelieving friends. Thank you for the delightful entertainment we enjoyed that night.”
– Ron, Oxnard Community Church

“Matt Jernigan worked well with our group, he got them laughing and interacting with him. He had a rough crowd who quickly warmed up to his “Songs you love to hate” and hilarious act. We enjoyed every minute of the show and will never forget his Christ-centered performance and testimony of Christ’s power in the world.”
– Annette Link, First United Methodist Church