Dana Daniels

dana daniels comedian magicianDana Daniels has been called one the funniest comedy magic acts working today. In fact, he was the very first magician to receive the Comedy Magician of the Year award from the world-famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, CA.

Dana always keeps the laughs going at a speedy clip using his trusty side kick, Luigi the Psychic Parrot. In-between Dana’s outrageously funny sight gags and poking fun at magicians, he sets out to prove that his little green friend is truly clairvoyant. Together they perform such miracles as finding chosen cards, reading the mind of somebody on a cell phone and turning an audience member’s $100 bill into bird food, only to have it reappear inside an egg laid by Luigi—a tough trick for a male bird!

With Dana as the comedian and Luigi as the “straight bird”, they perform off-the-wall magic blended with rapid-fire clean comedy and audience participation, making the duo perfect to deliver your keynote message.

Dana’s many television appearances include Evening at the Improv, the CBS morning show, Masters of Illusions and Lance Burton’s Taking it to the Streets. Dana has also opened for such stars as Charo, Tony Orlando, Amy Grant & Vince Gill.

Dana’s testimony tells of a childhood accident that led him to discover stage illusion. His performances began at age 12 and grew to include full-time strolling programs at Disneyland. He says church audiences are among his favorite venues because “they are the most positive, upbeat audiences you could ask for—always a delight…at the last church I went to, the pastor mentioned they had a lot of non-believers there who commented that they didn’t know Christians could be so funny. Then they show up to church the next Sunday. If it changes one person’s life, it’s well-worth it and so fulfilling.”