Chris Blackmore

chris blackmoreChris Blackmore is a professional illusionist, comedian and spokesperson.  Chosen to entertain thousands of guests daily at Disney in California and Walt Disney World in Florida, Chris also provides conventions and corporate events with his brand of clean and hilarious entertainment.

His talent for quick wit and thought provoking humor is balanced by a charming personality that wins over audiences. Chris both reaches his audience and entertains them at the same time. Moving easily between comedy and illusion with a sharp gift of gab, he keeps all kinds of shows moving and full of energy.

Chris has the ability to give a message up to 45 minutes in length, and can incorporate illusion, comedy and the Gospel in a fun and entertaining way. He has presented shows with altar calls, light introductions to Christ and straight entertainment.

Available Shows:

Chris’s reputation as an excellent host and emcee is recognized across North America, the Caribbean and the Orient. Perfect for your next fundraiser, tradeshow, concert or festival event.

Close Up Illusion 
Sleight of hand routines and interactive illusion that leaves them talking for months. This variety of magic is perfect for table hopping during a meal, strolling during a party or festival or continuous performance for a close-up staged event and small venue.

Comedy Illusion Show 

A one-man show that features audience participation, comedy, illusion, and ends with a hilarious straight jacket escape. Ideal for a staged show. 20-45 minutes in length.

Double Comedy Illusion Show 

The most requested show of all, featuring 3 amazing illusions! This two-person show (featuring Blackmore and assistant, Gold) includes the above Comedy Magic show in addition to 3 incredible illusions that leave guests entertained and amazed. Best suited for a stage performance (or banquet hall). 30-60 minutes in length.

Grand Comedy Illusion Show 

The biggest, most elaborate show Chris offers! Featuring up to 8 illusions choreographed to music, this performance is a fast paced, exciting medley of outstanding illusions, comedy and special effects-all the bells and whistles included! Ideal for a stage performance. 45-90 minutes in length.

“I came to Christ as an adult with a wife and two children. After being raised Catholic, then a lifetime of searching many different “religions,” I found the Lord through some good friends in Orlando, Florida. My wife and I accepted the Lord on New Years Day 1996.”

“We decided to bring our comedy and magic into churches because we felt a strong calling to use our gifts and talents to share The Good News of Jesus Christ through laughter, comedy and amazement. Some of the most rewarding shows we have done have been Christian events. We feel a purpose and reason for performing.”

“The Lord uses our gift of comedy and magic by opening doors that we had never even considered entering. We have met and been influenced by so many people in the church that have changed the course of our lives for the better.”


“Chris is spiritually sensitive, highly professional, humorous, fun, uplifiting, interactive, great at incorporating children into his program, and able to clearly present the gospel. And besides that, his illusions are truly amazing! In addition to these qualities, he is easy to work with, humble, and has a servant’s heart. We plan on inviting him again in the future.”
– Pastor Ed & Pastor Jim, Grace Church

“…everyone felt it was the best event we’ve ever had! We were especially pleased with your ability to keep us laughing. I personally enjoyed how you performed your magic tricks, and at the same time, included information and humorous facts about OCRM. You did your homework well.”
– Jim, President, Orange County Rescue Mission

“Mr. Blackmore is not only a gifted magician-they are a dime a dozen. He is a very valuable performer blessed with an easy, genuine personality that reaches beyond the stage and endears him to the audience as well as to children. He is a fine example of the Disney magic you strive to attain.”
– Mark, Guest letter to Walt Disney World