Stephen B

stephen bStephen B began performing comedy in 1982 In the San Francisco Bay area and since then has entertained audiences in nearly every state in the US. He truly is a naturally funny man who has realized his gift to make people laugh without using profane language or salacious situations.

Here are a few quotes from some of Stephen’s satisfied clients:

“I haven’t laughed like that in years”
“I haven’t laughed that hard and that long in…in…in…well, in my whole life.”
“He had us roaring with laughter”
“He’s one of the funniest we have ever seen”
“Stephen B is a high energy, good time, fun comedian”
“Stephen B is a modern day Jackie Gleason”

Stephen’s material revolves around life experiences that we can all relate to and seasoned with cleverly witty and hilarious gems of writing that have become his signature routines over the years. Stephen B is a versatile talent that not only tells a hilarious story but acts it out for you as he’s telling it.

Stephen B is perfect for corporate events and entertainment. Having worked in human resources in Silicon Valley Stephen knows how to get the laughs without treading on personal sensitivities. His ability to customize his comedy for a specific audience has made him a favorite for company events, fundraisers and off sites.

Some of Stephen B’s corporate clients include: Intel, Deloitte, Yahoo, IBM, Lockheed, Palo Alto Research Center, Toshiba, Lawrence Livermore Labs, Elliston Vineyards, Tri Valley First Tee, Spring Valley GC, Green Valley CC, Pala Casino

Stephen B has opened for headlining musical acts such as Manhattan Transfer, Al Di Meola, Weird Al Yankovic, Leon Redbone and Michael Bolton. He is co-starring in the new movie Allies Sleep Over Club.

A finalist in both the San Francisco and the Seattle Stand-Up Comedy Competitions Stephen B. has performed on a variety of Comedy Central’s Stand-Up Comedy shows and was featured on America’s Funniest People.

Leland Klassen

Leeland KlassenRecognized as Canada’s premier clean comedian, Leland decided early on that he would keep it clean, in the comedy world the road less traveled. As a result of staying clean, this unique talent has carved out quite the niche for himself in the world of entertainment. Using his unique blend of physical comedy and endearing charm Leland’s clever observations and life experiences are brought to life in a one of a kind show. Leland has performed for Promise Keepers Canada, has been to the prestigious Just for Laughs festival in Montreal three times had his own episode of the US syndicated comedy series “Bananas”, and had two of his own television series on the West Coast as well as appeared on numerous other programs across the United States and Canada on CBC television, YTV, Star TV, Global and Discovery Kids. And just like his stand-up career Leland was recognized for excellence in the television world as well, receiving the BCAB 2002 Broadcast Performer of Tomorrow award for his comedic work on television in Vancouver.

Leland’s vision for clean, wholesome yet hilarious comedy as propelled him to begin work on a number of new projects. If his past experience in stand-up comedy and television are any indication his work will surely garnish a great deal of attention. In the meantime, Leland continues to pursue his first love which is to stand-up in front of live audiences and entertain them with uproariously funny yet clean comedy.

321 Improv

321Improv_lastBlastSummer_ChristianConcertPhotos-4321 Improv Comedy will bring tears to your eyes, a pain to your side and they’ll make your face ache with laughter! An evening with 321 Improv is unlike any you’ve been a part of before. It is a unique interactive comedy experience. Each show, the three guys in 321 Improv instantly turn audience suggestions into hilarious scenes. No two shows are the same!

321 Improv Comedy is: Carl Crispin, founder and member of CPR Improv Comedy from 1992 to 2004; Tony Shaver, who traveled with the drama group One Time Blind from 1995 to 2005; and Adam Mollhagen who has been performing with River City Improv in Grand Rapids, Michigan since 2001.

321 has performed for various audiences from 50 to 4,000, but the typical 321 Improv Comedy show is a comedy night hosted by the local church. An evening with 321 Improv at a church is an opportunity to build community among the adults of the church; to invite unchurched friends to see what it’s all about; or just enjoy an evening out with a spouse or some friends.

Since the group was formed in 2004, 321 Improv Comedy has been in high demand for events across the United States and Canada. In 2 years, they have performed over 150 shows for almost 100,000 people.
The three members of 321 Improv have come together to join in a ministry that attempts to glorify God in everything they do. Carl sums it up this way, “Our goal is to use comedy to spread a message of true joy that can only come from a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.”

“Thanks guys for a great evening of fun. Many do not get enough opportunities to laugh and laugh hard. What you do is a fantastic ministry. We’re glad you could share your talent (I guess that’s what you call it) with us.”
– Gary Swartzlander, Jackson, MI 

“Thank you guys for the much needed humor here at the ACS National Convention. I really thought it was great. Plus it is nice to have a comedy routine that doesn’t have to be vulgar or use profanity. Thanks so much.”
– Melonie Metz, Cleveland, OH

“321 was the perfect fit for our event!! It was great to see our church body rolling in laughter with an evening of good clean fun. These guys are hilarious and we will definitely be having them back to minister and entertain at our church.”
– Jon Brennan, Worship Leader and Youth Pastor, BridgePointe Church

Gilbert Esquivel

gilbert esquivel comedianGilbert’s comedy is uniquely clean, urban and edgy. And although he is a born-again believer, Gilbert wouldn’t place himself in the “Christian Comedy” genre, but rather sees himself as a Christian working as a stand-up comedian. Gilbert shares stories about himself and those around him, sharing anecdotes as he grew-up and traveled across the United States. He also has a keen sensibility for comedy found in cultural differences, all the while recognizing that “Yes there are differences, but in God’s eyes we are equally loved.”

The son of migrant workers, Gilbert was born in Parma, Idaho. He spent his childhood moving from city to city, until his family settled in Pacoima, California. There, he became caught up in the world of gang violence. After years of “doing the wrong things,” Gilbert decided to redirect his life in a positive way. By finding humor in his gang experiences, he has taken his unique perspective on life to audiences around the country.

Gilbert used to cross the country with his parents working in the fields. Now he travels the country doing jokes in comedy clubs, churches, prisons, colleges, The Apollo Theater and Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.

Gilbert won his first comedy competition just one year into his stand-up career at the world famous Ice House in Pasadena, California. He has been seen on many television shows that include Que Locos and was one of the first Latino Semi-finalists on BET’s ComicView.

Gilbert is committed to being a positive role model for kids caught in inner-city violence. He uses his comedy to reach out and educate teens about life’s different options. Through his work in comedy clubs and on television, Gilbert will continue to be a positive role model on our youth.

“As a gang member of 16 years old, I went to church just to hang out with a girl I liked and ended up accepting Christ. God has turned my life upside down-no more crime! I’ve been married for 16 years and doing standup comedy all over the country, including Prison Ministry.”

“I told the Lord that if He opened the doors, I would take the gift he gave me and would go to His people in their environment.”

Matt Jernigan

matt jernigan comedianMatt Jernigan is a comic who grabs the attention of people of all ages with his crazy song parodies. With just his guitar and amazing impressions of popular singers from Brittany Spears to Katherine Hepburn, from Ricky Martin to Sammy Davis Jr., Matt will immediately connect with your entire audience. Whether it’s a night club, corporate event, college or church social, Matt has done it and left a lasting impression—without a single swear word or innuendo. It’s not an uncommon site to see Matt receiving standing ovations.

Matt is an actor, comedian, singer/songwriter and musician who has been featured on many television shows, films and commercials including “The X Files,” “Days of Our Lives,” Comedy Central’s “Make Me Laugh” and “Matlock.” Matt has performed in some of L.A.’s top comedy clubs including the mainrooms at The World Famous Comedy Store and The Icehouse of Pasadena. Originally from North Carolina, Matt has taken the L.A. comedy scene by storm and has won several voice and comedy competitions. Matt takes pride in doing completely “curse-free” comedy because he believes that it doesn’t have to be crude to be comedy.
Matt is originally from Wilmington, North Carolina, where he graduated from East Carolina University with a degree in Communications/Broadcasting, Theater Arts and Speech. He has always known that he would love to perform for a living and has felt totally blessed that God would allow it to happen.

“From the start, unfortunately, I saw comedy as simply a way to make a living and not necessarily to honor God. But after experiencing how empty that was, things changed. I’d been a Christian for nearly 20 years, and soon realized that my “walk” wasn’t fully devoted to God. Now, my sole purpose is to honor God with the talents He’s blessed me with. I see such a need to reach out to non-believers through quality, cutting-edge entertainment. And I feel, as a Christian, it is my responsibility to draw non-believers closer to God by bringing them things they can relate to and by showing them that Christians are ‘real’ and love to have fun. Christianity isn’t this confining, boring lifestyle-it’s exciting and full of joy.”

“Everyone truly enjoyed Matt’s performance. It was the best one we have ever had! Matt’s song parodies were hilarious.”
– Claremont McKenna College

“Matt was a complete success and turned a stiff crowd into a crowd of roaring laughter that would not soon forget this event. Matt stole the show!”
– Candice, Emmanuel College

“What a pleasure it was to have him perform for us. He is clever and talented, and also, had us involved in doing some of the songs with him (how hilarious that was!). His personal testimony was clear and effective with our unbelieving friends. Thank you for the delightful entertainment we enjoyed that night.”
– Ron, Oxnard Community Church

“Matt Jernigan worked well with our group, he got them laughing and interacting with him. He had a rough crowd who quickly warmed up to his “Songs you love to hate” and hilarious act. We enjoyed every minute of the show and will never forget his Christ-centered performance and testimony of Christ’s power in the world.”
– Annette Link, First United Methodist Church

Tony Rey

tony rey comedianTony’s act includes his experience as a high school teacher at a private academy and his view on misguided stereotypes, as well as his hilarious take on relationships and family life. Tony’s polished act includes a repertoire of accents and voices. His quick paced, high-energy style along with his strong stage presence has garnered him a following at premier comedy clubs. It’s exciting to see the room come alive when Tony’s on stage. His energy is contagious. It’s easy to understand why Tony has quickly become a popular act in comedy clubs in the United States and Canada. This is a performance you will not want to miss. Catch a rising star.

Willie Brown & Woody

willie b & woodyYou don’t know how funny Willie Brown & Woody are until you see them live. They’re not just your average comedian/ventriloquist team. Brown takes a different approach to the age old craft by making it fresh, new, & hip for today’s more savvy comedy audiences. It’s not just about seeing him not moving his lips, & hearing Woody speak. “It’s about the jokes,” says Brown. After watching this act for a few moments you forget that Willie is there and it seems as if Woody transcends into a standup comedian on his own. Willie does the set up and Woody gives the punch! Willie Brown is a nationally known ventriloquist who has appeared several times on BET Comic View, HBO DEF Comedy Jam, Loco Comedy Jam, Phaturdays, The Jenny Jones Show, & most recently in a recurring role on the Showtime Network series “Barbershop”. From topics such as family, church, how to deal with the homeless, to current events, Willie Brown & Woody bring it.

Willie Brown and Woody now perform largely at churches, theaters, colleges, comedy clubs, and corporate events. Brown and his sidekick have headlined many comedy clubs throughout the country and abroad. They’ve performed numerous times overseas at U.S. military bases in Korea, Japan, Germany, and Bosnia. They have also performed in England, Amsterdam, South Africa, and the CaribbeanBrown has toured with Cedric The Entertainer, and worked with Steve Harvey, Jamie Foxx, and Mike Epps. He’s opened for a number of well known music artists including Boys To Men, Frankie Beverly & Maze, Chaka Khan, James Brown, Gladys Knight, Al Green, The Whispers and more. Willie Brown and Woody can be seen regularly at the World Famous Comedy Store, or the Laugh Factory in Hollywood, California.

The big screen is no unfamiliar territory for Brown. He’s an avid actor and has appeared in the movie “Tears of a Clown” starring Don D.C. Curry, and in “All About You”, a romantic comedy starring Lisa Raye, Debbie Allen, and Rockmond Dunbar, “The Let Out Guys”, which is a comedy short and his own film “Footcops”, which he wrote and produced. Brown has also made an impact on the commercial world booking national spots for Kellogg’s Eggo Waffle SyrupAmerican Airlines, McDonald’s, Skittles, and others. In his hard to find spare moments Willie spends his time writing and developing screenplays. He recently released a new comedy CD titled “Willie Brown and Woody on the Up and Up” (in stores soon). Willie Brown is also a corporate humorist who gives speeches nationally.I believe that God uses me and my talents to inspire others through the gift of humor. Laughter is a healing medicine that no one should be deprived of.”

“I want to again thank you for the laughter. God is truly using you to teach us that Christianity isn’t dull but fun with life and challenges. I really enjoyed meeting you and spending the evening.”
– Cornelia, St. Luke AME Zion Church

“Willie Brown is the only comedian-ventriloquist of our times.”
– Entertainment Weekly

“A hype act that will have you standing to your feet.”
– Hollywood Reporter 

Bob Smiley

bob smileyBob Smiley has been doing standup for more than 10 years all over the United States, Canada, England, Wales and even East Kentucky! He’s done shows for 8 people and a show for 60,000 people.  Bob has opened for such groups as Newsboys, Mercy Me, Third Day, Switch Foot, Toby Mac and Audio Adrenaline. In 2007, Full Armor Entertainment put out my sophomore DVD called: “Bob Smiley Uncaged!” Also, Focus on the Family released Bob’s first book called “Growing up Super Average: The Adventure’s of Average Boy.” The book is a comedy/devotional book for Middle School kids using humor to help them learn to deal with the top 25 problems kids that age face.

Bob stays busy writing monthly articles for Clubhouse Magazine, TC magazine, and the Christian Beacon. I also appear sporadically in Brio, Go!, Brio & Beyond, Battlefield and Faith Talk when they dont have anything better to print. He also does around 90 to 100 comedy shows a year. “You should see my hotel shampoo collection!” Bob says. It’s been said that Bob has a heart for bringing people closer to God by getting them to laugh at everyday stories and not so everyday situations. Of course that quote came from his Mom who also can’t understand why the NBA didn’t call Bob after Michael Jordan retired. The bottom line is, Bob uses standup comedy as a way to draw people in so He can tell them the good news of Jesus Christ!Where it started: Bob grew up a Texas kid, which is like any other kid in any other state only with a lot of guns.After High School, Bob went off to Abilene Christian University in West Texas. (Motto: Have you seen our Tree?). After high school, Bob received an unexpected call from an old college friend who now lived in Nashville and was working as a Road Manager for Christian singer Clay Crosse. This old friend had seen me do stand up in college and wanted to know if I was interested in going out on tour with Clay to do standup in-between the acts. Clay’s tour opened up the possibility of doing standup without having to go to the normal comedy venues. Bobs clean comedy was well met with the Christian audiences and he began to get many other offers to do standup. That was over ten years ago. Since then, Bob has continued to tour with many Christian bands, perform at several major Christian festivals around the United States as well as doing his own private comedy shows in churches, schools and colleges. In 2001, Bob even took his show over to the United Kingdom where he found that his brand of comedy was the perfect venue to spreading the Gospel in other countries as well.

“Bob Smiley hit another home run at the 2007 Spirit West Coast festival in Monterey, Calif. It was great to see a young guy from today’s generation connect with young people in a way they can relate to. Bob really has a talent and he was a humorous asset to the team. I’m planning to use Bob for the 8th year in a row at the 2008 festivals .”
-Jon Robberson (Director of Spirit West Coast)

-Hey Bob, I just came from your Youngstown, Ohio performance, and man, what a show! I’ve seen a lot of Christian comedians, and up to this point I didn’t think I would ever see one who really made me laugh out loud. The problem with the one’s I’ve seen is they’re 100% Christian, 25% comedian (don’t do the math). They get their business the same way you look in the yellow pages and see some plumber has put a Christian fish symbol on their ad. You think “Oh, their a plumber and a Christian. I have to support them.” You were the first Christian comedian I’ve seen, however, that was 100% Christian, 100% comedian. Up until now, if someone from church wanted me to recommend a comedian, I’d have to ask them if they wanted a clean, funny comedian, or just a Christian comedian. If they said clean and funny, I’d recommend Brian Regan. If they said Christian, I’d say just to go for the clean, funny one. Now, I can just say Bob Smiley for either choice they make. Brian’s making enough money now without me pluggin’ away for him, anyhow. Keep moving forward and God Bless.
-Jason yohman

“I spent the day with Bob and what excited me is how Bob uses his comedy to entertain, but he is also dead serious about Jesus Christ and that really shows.”
– Dawson McAllister (National radio talk show host and Youth Speaker)

“He always kept his room very neat.”
– Yvonne Smiley (Bob’s Mom)

“He always kept our tour bus very neat.”
– Matt Morginsky (Lead singer of the Supertones)

“Bob came in and performed at a fund raiser for our Christian School. We charged $5 at the door, hoping to bring in about 300 people. Over 500 people came out to see him do standup. The school raised a lot of money and everyone left that night with bellyaches from laughing so much and very encouraged about the Gospel. Bob is a great comedian and an awesome disciple for Christ.”
– Randy Speck (Oakland Christian School)

“He always kept our Air-dome very clean.”
– Peter Furler (Lead singer of the Newsboys)

“It is my privilege to recommend to anyone and everyone that is trying to reach the younger generation, Bob Smiley. He is an effective communicator on stage and through dramatics and humor tells the story in a way that is relative to where the youth are today. I have used Bob at several of my events and he always hits the “long ball”.”
– Chuck Tilley (President, Atlanta Fest)

“Bob Smiley mixes mirth with ministry to present a powerful message. Every time Bob comes here it is a packed house and people’s lives as well as funny bones are touched. On a personal level I consider him a good friend, and a man of integrity who lives Jesus deeply.”
– Pastor Ray Carter (Calvary Chapel, Lake Havasu, AZ)

“I use Bob for most of my festivals. He is a great comic with material that relates to everyone. Bob will also stay after his part of the shows and talk, pray, or joke around with anyone in the crowd that will listen to him. In short, he adds so much to the overall enjoyment of our Christian Festivals. He is very talented, yet very humble. I would suggest anyone using him for their events.”
-Michael Scanland (Jam Productions, Chairman of Christian Concert Division)

Chris Blackmore

chris blackmoreChris Blackmore is a professional illusionist, comedian and spokesperson.  Chosen to entertain thousands of guests daily at Disney in California and Walt Disney World in Florida, Chris also provides conventions and corporate events with his brand of clean and hilarious entertainment.

His talent for quick wit and thought provoking humor is balanced by a charming personality that wins over audiences. Chris both reaches his audience and entertains them at the same time. Moving easily between comedy and illusion with a sharp gift of gab, he keeps all kinds of shows moving and full of energy.

Chris has the ability to give a message up to 45 minutes in length, and can incorporate illusion, comedy and the Gospel in a fun and entertaining way. He has presented shows with altar calls, light introductions to Christ and straight entertainment.

Available Shows:

Chris’s reputation as an excellent host and emcee is recognized across North America, the Caribbean and the Orient. Perfect for your next fundraiser, tradeshow, concert or festival event.

Close Up Illusion 
Sleight of hand routines and interactive illusion that leaves them talking for months. This variety of magic is perfect for table hopping during a meal, strolling during a party or festival or continuous performance for a close-up staged event and small venue.

Comedy Illusion Show 

A one-man show that features audience participation, comedy, illusion, and ends with a hilarious straight jacket escape. Ideal for a staged show. 20-45 minutes in length.

Double Comedy Illusion Show 

The most requested show of all, featuring 3 amazing illusions! This two-person show (featuring Blackmore and assistant, Gold) includes the above Comedy Magic show in addition to 3 incredible illusions that leave guests entertained and amazed. Best suited for a stage performance (or banquet hall). 30-60 minutes in length.

Grand Comedy Illusion Show 

The biggest, most elaborate show Chris offers! Featuring up to 8 illusions choreographed to music, this performance is a fast paced, exciting medley of outstanding illusions, comedy and special effects-all the bells and whistles included! Ideal for a stage performance. 45-90 minutes in length.

“I came to Christ as an adult with a wife and two children. After being raised Catholic, then a lifetime of searching many different “religions,” I found the Lord through some good friends in Orlando, Florida. My wife and I accepted the Lord on New Years Day 1996.”

“We decided to bring our comedy and magic into churches because we felt a strong calling to use our gifts and talents to share The Good News of Jesus Christ through laughter, comedy and amazement. Some of the most rewarding shows we have done have been Christian events. We feel a purpose and reason for performing.”

“The Lord uses our gift of comedy and magic by opening doors that we had never even considered entering. We have met and been influenced by so many people in the church that have changed the course of our lives for the better.”


“Chris is spiritually sensitive, highly professional, humorous, fun, uplifiting, interactive, great at incorporating children into his program, and able to clearly present the gospel. And besides that, his illusions are truly amazing! In addition to these qualities, he is easy to work with, humble, and has a servant’s heart. We plan on inviting him again in the future.”
– Pastor Ed & Pastor Jim, Grace Church

“…everyone felt it was the best event we’ve ever had! We were especially pleased with your ability to keep us laughing. I personally enjoyed how you performed your magic tricks, and at the same time, included information and humorous facts about OCRM. You did your homework well.”
– Jim, President, Orange County Rescue Mission

“Mr. Blackmore is not only a gifted magician-they are a dime a dozen. He is a very valuable performer blessed with an easy, genuine personality that reaches beyond the stage and endears him to the audience as well as to children. He is a fine example of the Disney magic you strive to attain.”
– Mark, Guest letter to Walt Disney World

Kenn Kington

kenn kington comedianKenn Kington’s comedic voice is heavily influenced by Bill Cosby and Steve Martin.  Kenn has been performing for over 17 year and he is one of today’s most sought after Comedians. Great Comedy with no side effects (No blushing, No Cringing, No embarrassing situations or language).

Kenn is selling out comedy concerts nationwide. He is the creator of The Ultimate Comedy Theater. Kenn has appeared on Comedy Central and his last 4 film projects have sold over 50 thousand copies and continue to pop up on a variety of cable networks. He can be heard daily on XM radio. Kenn’s “ISMS” comedy book is being released nationally in August 2008 at such retailers as Barnes and Noble, Borders, Books Million and many more. Kenn’s Passion is to encourage people. While most commonly known for his comedy he is also an amazing communicator.

Speaking from his heart and life he shares timeless truths in an always applicable often sidesplitting manner. Kenn has also written two books on relationships. Searching for a Super Man Watching for a Wonder Woman was nationally voted one of the top ten books for singles. And, Rediscovering Super Husband & Wonder Wife is now in its third printing.

Kenn was born in LA. At the age of 3, Kenn moved with his family to Georgia where he remains with his wife of over 13 years (Heather) and their 2 sons and 1 daughter.