321 Improv

321Improv_lastBlastSummer_ChristianConcertPhotos-4321 Improv Comedy will bring tears to your eyes, a pain to your side and they’ll make your face ache with laughter! An evening with 321 Improv is unlike any you’ve been a part of before. It is a unique interactive comedy experience. Each show, the three guys in 321 Improv instantly turn audience suggestions into hilarious scenes. No two shows are the same!

321 Improv Comedy is: Carl Crispin, founder and member of CPR Improv Comedy from 1992 to 2004; Tony Shaver, who traveled with the drama group One Time Blind from 1995 to 2005; and Adam Mollhagen who has been performing with River City Improv in Grand Rapids, Michigan since 2001.

321 has performed for various audiences from 50 to 4,000, but the typical 321 Improv Comedy show is a comedy night hosted by the local church. An evening with 321 Improv at a church is an opportunity to build community among the adults of the church; to invite unchurched friends to see what it’s all about; or just enjoy an evening out with a spouse or some friends.

Since the group was formed in 2004, 321 Improv Comedy has been in high demand for events across the United States and Canada. In 2 years, they have performed over 150 shows for almost 100,000 people.
The three members of 321 Improv have come together to join in a ministry that attempts to glorify God in everything they do. Carl sums it up this way, “Our goal is to use comedy to spread a message of true joy that can only come from a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.”

“Thanks guys for a great evening of fun. Many do not get enough opportunities to laugh and laugh hard. What you do is a fantastic ministry. We’re glad you could share your talent (I guess that’s what you call it) with us.”
– Gary Swartzlander, Jackson, MI 

“Thank you guys for the much needed humor here at the ACS National Convention. I really thought it was great. Plus it is nice to have a comedy routine that doesn’t have to be vulgar or use profanity. Thanks so much.”
– Melonie Metz, Cleveland, OH

“321 was the perfect fit for our event!! It was great to see our church body rolling in laughter with an evening of good clean fun. These guys are hilarious and we will definitely be having them back to minister and entertain at our church.”
– Jon Brennan, Worship Leader and Youth Pastor, BridgePointe Church